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Doraemon movie 8 – nobita dragon rider – veoh., Doraemon movie 9 – nobita’s journey to the west (saiyuki) raw. added: 5 yrs ago : length: 1:30:53: file size: 879.42 mb : language: japanese: tags:. Doraemon, sazae-san voice actress sumiko shirakawa passes, The agency of doraemon and sazae-san voice actress sumiko shirakawa (real name sumiko shirato) announced on friday that she has passed away. she was 80.. Eiga doraemon: nobita himitsu dougu ûjiamu (2013, Directed by yukiyo teramoto. with wasabi mizuta, megumi oohara, yumi kakazu, subaru kimura. doraemon and friends look for a famous thief after he stole doraemon’s bell.. Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon Shizuka Minamoto - Doraemon

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Doraemon is a brilliant robotic cat, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to help a pre-teen boy, Nobita Nobi!! He is one of the most popular cartoons of the world!! So, calling all Doraemon fans out there!! We welcome you to our huge collection of free online Doraemon Games!! Play online games and get a chance to meet, greet and be Doraemon!! Sure, this is the place to play games with our awesome hero in these Doraemon games for kids!!About DoraemonGames

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Doraemon’s Sad Story

Doraemon’s Sad Storyid you know that Doraemon was once yellow and had ears? He looked just like he does in this photograph. The video clip bellow shows Doraemon being interviewed by Tetuko, a very famous Japanese TV host, on her show, Tetuko no heya (Tetuko’s room), which has aired every weekday for the past 30 years. Tetuko interviews very well known people and, although it’s very odd to have a cartoon character as a guest, this time it’s Doraemon’s turn. And Doraemon has revealed what he originally looked like.

Doraemon is actually a robot who travels to the future under Sewashi’s (Nobita’s great-great-great-grandson’s) orders, in order to make changes that affect the present. When Doraemon lived in the future, he was yellow and had ears. But, one day, a mouse robot ate his ears and Doraemon cried so hard that the tears rubbed the yellow off. That’s how he turned blue.

Doraemon’s story begins in the 22nd Century. He was a defective robot who was auctioned off and sold to a very poor family. The family- Nobita’s descendants- were living in misery due to the huge debts inherited from their great, great, great grandfather. Sewashi decided this could not go on like that. So, he sent Doraemon back to the past in order to help Nobita become a better person. The idea was that this would change the future and so improve the family’s lot in life. Doraemon’s Sad Story

Doraemon arrives in the past, popping up in Nobita’s desk drawer. He lives with Nobita from then on and tries to stop him from becoming a failure. Each time Nobita gets into trouble, Doraemon digs into his fourth dimension pocket and uses gadgets from the future to fix the problem.